The Tricor Difference

With a background in the aviation industry, Ian 'Blackie' Blackhurst and Mick Young teamed their skills in engineering, workshop construction and servicing to create Tricor Engineering.

Now almost two decades on, and Tricor are industry renowned for steel fabrication and workshop installation services to the automotive, aviation, oil and general manufacturing sectors.

Tricor specialise in superior finishes that are done efficiently. Encompassing car dealerships, truck stops, motorbike shops, heavy-equipment workshops, Tricor offer a holistic service with a full crew of trained experts.

Tricor do as much of the construction in house as possible to make sure that finishing touches, like welding, are state of the art. From piping to benches, trolleys, gantries and tanks - Tricor do it all.

We make sure that the end result is efficient, accessible and well planned out.

From initial drawing stage right through to finishing the install, our team are there to help you improve the efficiency of your business.

And if the equipment you need doesn't exist yet... we'll help design it with you.

Tricor have worked with many clients on cutting edge R&D projects that have transformed the workshops of leading companies, such as Castrol.


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